Negative is not necessarily a bad thing


I just heard back from Ruby’s doctor at TAMU clinic and the more thorough tests for Tick Borne Diseases is negative. Part of me is disappointed because I want to know WHY, but another part of me is relieved that we don’t have secondary issues to deal with on top of the immune response issues we already face. So, for the time being, we’re in a holding pattern. Ruby is getting steroids daily and we will recheck her platelets on Tuesday to figure out the next steps. In the mean time we have cancelled her competitive schedule for the next 2 months and will figure out “what’s next” after the vet visit Tuesday.

So, we just need to keep her happy (she’s hungry all the time on the drugs) and try to keep her from licking her bare skin. We finally resorted to Vet Wrap to protect her IV injection site. It’s still healing and must itch like crazy. Here is a photo MJ took after I took off the bandage and just gently scratched the skin for her, she was frozen in pleasure.

I can’t wait for her hair to grow back!

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