SAR Dog Demo in Slidell, LA

My constant readers know that I have a soft spot in my heart for the kids in Slidell, LA. After arriving home from our Ireland trip, MJ and I packed up Ruby and hit the road for an epic push on Friday to talk to the kids at Our Lady of Lourdes School about K9 Search Austin, Staying Found and SAR Dogs.

The kids were wonderful and Ruby did a great job for having spent 7.5 hours in the car and then being thrown up on stage. We left the house at 5am and MJ drove most of the way in order to get to Slidell in time for me to change into my uniform and start the presentation at 2:00.

I had just asked the kids to “Do the Impossible” and hold their voices down for Ruby. Usually she’s amazing in front of an audience. Today she was a little skittish on a new stage. I said “…this will be hard to do, but wait until she does her search to ‘Ohh and Ahhh’” That is where the video picks up. Here is a short clip of the fun.

Ruby and Matt present at Lourdes School

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