Darkest before the Dawn

Today did not start well. OK, that’s an understatement. In hind sight MJ and I laugh to the point of tears watching Ruby’s run…and run…and run…while I stand there…watching.

Did this guy actually train that dog?

Open Jumpers

After our first run I was a bit concerned, though Ruby was amazing.

Is that the same dog?

Novice Tunnelers

Tunnelers is just fun. With a dog as fast as Ruby I had to run my butt off. (There are Border Collie handlers who just stand in the middle and have the dog orbit around them…someday.)

Run Forrest! Run!

Novice Regular

When MJ and I talked about our plans for the day I wanted Ruby to have fun and I wanted one good Regular run. Ruby only needed one more qualifying time to advance to Open class. The thing I like about NADAC is most trials offer 2 Regular runs a day, so Ruby had two chances to get it right. In the past she has struggled with the texture of the dog walk and A frame. You will hear the audience feel my pain as Ruby completes all of the obstacles except the last contact.

Nearly Perfect

So we had one last chance. Ruby rocked it and the part I love is the crowd reaction when she hits the last contact.

Good Dog!

Moment of Zen

Not a bad day. Ruby scored 3 qualifying times with 2 firsts and 1 second place finish. Lee Martin trains “Sam” a champion Norfolk Terrier in agility. We had a chance to help socialize 3 of his puppies at the event, when they napped I did too…

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