Ruby’s First AKC Trial

Ruby entered her first AKC Agility Trial yesterday and was amazing. In spite of her first catastrophic first run (let’s just say that they needed better ring security…) she pulled it together to post a first place and a qualifying run for Standard and FAST. You can see me giving her a pep talk before the Standard run.

Standard Class

You’ve gotten used to seeing these runs. The object is to go fast and in control, don’t tip any bars or jump off the contact equipment (like Teeter or the A-Frame). Lowest time with a “clean run” wins. Ruby won!

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Generously, in the Novice class, Ruby is not faulted for the weave-pole antics. Though, she will be expected to later. :)

Fifteen and Send Time (FAST) Class

This is a strategy game with a “send” where the dog has to work away from you. There is a start and finish line, but no set order to run the obstacles. It is up to the handler to create a course (and then remember it). You have about 30 seconds to accumulate points and also complete the “send” which adds 20 points to your score. Fastest dog with the most points wins. You can change your mind if the dog does something unexpected (or, like in my case, the dog does exactly what you ask of her and you are so shocked you get lost!)

Ruby was amazing, we finished in about 23 seconds and scored 71 points.

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In Ruby’s defense, she just got back from vacation and this is what happened a couple days ago when I let her off leash!

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