Slipping into a Routine


Maybe it’s a coping skill, but after the fur-ro-ry, as Bugs Bunny would say, of the past 5 weeks, Willa and I are into a routine that suits us. I guess the weirdest part is how easy it has become to explain to passers-by why my dog has a shaved head and Manson-esque prison tats in blue and green. Willa now sports 5 blue and green crosses, two by her eye and three on the back of her head.

Here is Willa’s routine day:

  • 5:30ish jump on the bed and go back to sleep
  • 8:00 Wake, get love, try to stay in bed a bit longer while Dad makes coffee
  • 8:10 Outside to pee/poo, clear the squirrels temporarily from the yard (do dogs dream of a permanent solution?)
  • 8:15 Greet Grandma by picking up Geoffrey and growling gently while circumnavigating her legs. Drop Geoffrey only long enough to administer a tiny kiss to Grandma.
  • 8:17 First nap of the day while Dad blogs, talks to Mom and works
  • 10:45 Jump in the car and head to LSU
  • 11:00 Drop off at LSU, greet Adrienne or Shay with a bit less panting and trembling than the previous day
  • 12:30 Bee line it back to the car for Breakfast al-Fresco in the car, Salmon in brown gravy with a side of 300 mg of Clindamycin
  • 12:30:25 Head back to Grandma’s so Dad can have lunch and finish his work day. Takes second or third nap of the day.
  • 5:00 “Willa want to go for a WALK??” Secure the neighborhood, if only temporarily, from squirrels and pee where others have peed before
  • 9:30ish Bedtime #1
  • 11:45 Wake and eat dinner (plus second dose of antibiotic)
  • 11:50 Outside and back
  • 12:00 Bedtime #2

Willa Resting

I cannot say enough about all the love and encouragement we have received from friends old and new. I find it truly amazing how “Willa’s People” have rallied around her and support her from afar. MJ and I want you all to know that your kind words of encouragement and love shore us up, and fill us with pride. We know Willa is a great dog, and it would appear that you all do too, thanks for letting us know that.

Mary Jane, Matthew, Willa and Ruby

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