Grace Under Fire


Willa made it through her first day of radiation therapy. She bounded out of the hospital and was ready to chase squirrels when she got back to Grandma’s. (She does not know she’s sick, I hope to keep it that way.)

There appears to be only one obvious side effect, the number of crosses on her head has multiplied. She now sports 3 targets, one in blue and two in green. I think we’re going to have to create some kind of toupee when we get finished.

Willa crosses

I am shifting her feeding schedule so she eats as soon as she get’s home and again just before midnight since I am not supposed to feed her breakfast before she has treatment.

Thanks to everyone who has written, called, and prayed. Willa’s spirit is strong and even though she trembles with fear when I drop her off the nurses say she does very well once she is out of my sight.

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