All Joking Aside

Those of you who know me know that I use humor to relieve stressful situations. This blog is a good example. To consider the seriousness of Willa’s condition and to dwell on “poor Willa” is not my way. (Don’t get me wrong, I have those moments, quietly, in private, I just try to avoid it in public.) The thing is, I am here at the LSU Vet Clinic with owners of animals who are in the same boat, or considerably worse. Consider the dogs I saw today, of the 12-15 dogs I saw while I waited for Willa, 4 of them had 3 legs, removed due to cancer.

I recognize the other owners now, after seeing them each morning for the past week. We exchange knowing looks, the “How’s Buddy doing today?” nod exchanged by folks who love their aging pets and feel the anguish of the other owners, sharing a moment of hope. That’s what we get here, hope. Hope that even if Willa passes sooner that we all expect, the young Veterinarians will learn how to care for a great dog who happens to have cancer and the passionate owner who wants the very best for his companion, right up to the end. Hope that in learning, lives can be improved, and the precious little time we have together can be extended just a little.

Willa lucked out this morning, Adrienne asked if we could come in earlier for her fourth treatment. That meant that we were done earlier, too. That meant that the Tuna that I brought home from dinner last night with Willa’s Uncle Rod (MJ’s brother) and Aunt Vicki went into Willa’s breakfast that much earlier. Dinner was great, I have to admit, Baton Rouge (well the whole state of Louisiana, actually) knows how to cook! The restaurants here are amazing, but last nights dinner was great because of family. We talked and reminisced about dogs we had owned and “family stories”, memories that I have of my “Louisiana Family” as Rod likes to call it.

I have been a part of this family for 22 years. MJ and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last Saturday, her on the road back from Willa’s first LSU visit, me packing for her return trip. We did take time for dinner together, but I am looking forward to getting home and celebrating.

We have a lot to celebrate.

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