PostOp Digestive Issues

Willa is a two-a-day pooper. Like clockwork. Following her surgery she was less consistent. She was antsy and irregular. Her anus was irritated and she would try to poop every time we went outside. I could tell she was uncomfortable.

She usually gets a cup of Wellness Senior and a couple tablespoons of ID. In her youth she had some indigestion issues and so, prior to Katrina, we started her on ID just in case. Well that fixed her occasional vomiting so we never took her off of it.

Now I worry that she is constipated. Ordinarily we add active culture yogurt to her diet to kick start her intestinal flora. This time my friend Dennis recommended Pumpkin. 1 Tablespoon one meal a day. We also added a teaspoon of Olive Oil. 24 hours later and the poop factory is back in business.

Her first poops were small and seriously compacted. Now they are fluffy and comfortable for her. I love this tip because it can happen to your pet anytime they suffer a big change in their environment.

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