Blackberry Bliss

While planning our summer getaway, we searched for dog friendly accommodations in Sonoma County. Russian River Getaways popped to the top of the list. They have a variety of cabins for rent and welcome good dog owners and their well mannered dogs. The staff was friendly and guided us through the locations and options for the days we had available.

It was our luck that ‘Blackberry Bliss’ was waiting for us. Located on Austin Creek in Cazadero, this wonderful cabin can sleep 6 folks who aren’t shy or 4 who need a bit more privacy. Even in the summer there was enough water to swim Willa (tired dogs are better behaved while wine tasting).

Would they have called it ‘Blackberry Bliss’ if the backyard was not filled with huge bushes filled with Blackberries? The grounds deliver a huge tangle of bushes between the house and creek that made easy picking for our nightly deserts. The welcome card includes a recipe for cobbler, though we cheated and used a ready made crust. Hey, we were on vacation!

Austin Creek intersects Highway 116 just West of Guerneville. This is a great location for day trips to the Sonoma wineries and vineyards. Even the Northernmost vineyards are less than 30 minutes away or a short drive westward will take you to the stunning Coast Highway!

We stayed during the middle of July. The creek was down to a trickle but there was still enough water for Willa to swim. Our usual morning consisted of coffee and a swim for the dog, a bite of toast then pack up the car for a day of picnicking and wine tasting. The early swim meant Willa was sedate all day in her post exercise bliss.

After we returned, we would review photos and sit under the towering redwoods and watch the hundreds of hummingbirds duke it out for the nectar provided by the cabin. As the sun goes down through the trees, you can enjoy the rest of the cool evenings by lapsing into a coma in the hot tub.

Get up the next morning and start that grueling schedule all over again…Bliss!

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